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WFH forever? An UltraSharp monitor can solidify your home office.

*TL;DR:* Dell has a slew of curved and UltraSharp monitors on sale for less than $1,000, with savings as much as 20% off. -------------------- Though the op-eds about a post-coronavirus world sound eerily similar to a George Orwell novel, their predictions for the death of that ... Reported by Mashable

Thousands protest racism and police violence around the globe in solidarity with U.S.

Seeking justice for George Floyd has expanded beyond the U.S. with thousands hitting the streets around the globe this weekend in protest against racism and police brutality, and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Turning up to protests in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and ... Reported by Mashable

5 car accessories to shop on sale

Cars are having a moment right now, because we can't use public transportation or opt for walking outside without worrying about breaking social distancing rules. If you have a car and are thinking about doing a weekend getaway or just taking it out for a spin around your city, you need some ... Reported by Mashable

'Silence is complicity': Facebook workers speak out after Zuckerberg refuses to take action against Trump

As protests rage across the U.S., some Facebook workers are speaking out against their own employer.  On Sunday, Jason Toff, a director of product management at Facebook, voiced his disapproval of how Facebook handled recent posts by President Donald Trump.  I work at Facebook ... Reported by Mashable

China's NetEase targets global expansion with $2.6 billion HK listing

Chinese online gaming firm NetEase plans to raise about $2.6 billion to fund expansion through its secondary listing which began on Monday, a term sheet seen by Reuters showed, marking Hong Kong's largest equity deal so far this year. Reported by Reuters

Stay on track with these cheaper Apple Watches

*TL;DR:* The Apple Watch Series 4 is on sale for £488.74 on Amazon, saving you 35% on list price. -------------------- A lot of people make a lot of fuss about Apple Watches, but are these trendy devices really worth getting worked up about? Yes, yes they are. The Apple ... Reported by Mashable

'Clubhouse Games' breathes life into old classics with fresh, calming vibes

It's possible Mario's Game Gallery, originally released for Windows in 1995 with seemingly little involvement from Nintendo, was the first video game I ever played. It was pretty mediocre. You could play a handful of half-baked games like checkers and yahtzee against Mario, and it's only ... Reported by Mashable

Chinese online grocery firm Dada looks to raise over $280 million in U.S. IPO

Dada Nexus Ltd said on Monday it aims to raise up to $280.5 million in an initial public offering (IPO) that could value the Chinese online grocery firm at over $3.72 billion. Reported by Reuters

Here’s what to do with your equity if you’ve been laid off from a startup

If you’ve just found yourself laid off from a startup, you are far from alone. StartupGenome states that 74% of US startups have had to lay off full time employees, and it’s been reported that over 40% of Nordic startups and over 60% of French startups are enacting some form of layoffs. ... Reported by The Next Web

Vivo X50 Pro is the first smartphone with a gimbal camera system

Phone cameras have come far in a few decades, but manufacturers still manage to improve them in innovative ways.  China's Vivo, known for its photography-oriented phones, launched new flagship smartphones on Monday: The X50, X50 Pro, and X50 Pro+.  The latter two come with a feature ... Reported by Mashable

Chinese online grocery firm Dada looks to raise over $280 mln in U.S. IPO

Chinese online grocery firm Dada Nexus Ltd said on Monday it aims to raise up to $280.5 million in an initial public offering (IPO) that could value the company at over $3.72 billion. Reported by Reuters

Vivo launches X50 series flagship with gimbal-styled image stabilization

Vivo today announced its new series of flagships — the X50 Pro, and the X50 Pro+ — with a gimbal-based camera system for super-stable photos and videos. The company said it has modeled the main sensor on an actual gimbal to reduce any shakes and stutters when you’re holding the phone. The ... Reported by The Next Web

Video conferencing more often lately? You need a good webcam.

*TL;DR: *As of June 1, this Lenovo webcam is $20 off of its usual price, and you can get an additional` 5% off when you use the code *EXTRAFIVE.* -------------------- A lot of us who are working are still working from home, and honestly, there are no signs that it'll change ... Reported by Mashable

What Netflix's 'Space Force' gets right about the real Space Force

Space Force has landed on Netflix. So, what's up with the real thing?  In response to Donald Trump's 2018 announcement  of the United States' newest military branch, Parks and Recreation creator Greg Daniels teamed up with The Office star Steve Carell to bring an intergalactic workplace ... Reported by Mashable

Here's how to listen to all your favourite songs for free

*TL;DR:* A three-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited is free for new customers. -------------------- In the absence of things like cinemas, shopping centres, and pubs, we're all having to be a little more creative when it comes to entertainment.  This has resulted ... Reported by Mashable

K-pop fans spam Dallas police 'snitch' app with videos and memes to support protesters

On Saturday, the Dallas Police Department posted a tweet telling people to send them videos from ongoing protests against police brutality via the iWatch Dallas app.  "If you have a video of illegal activity from the protests and are trying to share it with @DallasPD, you can download it to ... Reported by Mashable

Report: Podcasts have grown 129,000% in the last decade

Podcasting platform Stitcher said number podcasts have grown by 129,000% (that’s not a typo) in the last decade. In its annual podcasting report, the company said creators published 7 million episodes on the platform in 2019, as compared to 350,000 episodes published in 2010. Stitcher said ... Reported by The Next Web

India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer

India has ordered its internet service providers (ISPs) to block file-sharing website WeTransfer at a time when hundreds of millions of people are working from home because of a nationwide lockdown to stop the novel coronavirus. Reported by Reuters

The do’s and don’ts of launching a side hustle to supplement your income

Whether you want to supplement your main income or you’re gearing up to start your own side hustle, looking for ways to make some extra cash is not only smart but also easier than you might think. You don’t always have to start off with a long-term business plan in mind — although it’s ... Reported by The Next Web

Mark Zuckerberg 'expressed concerns' in Trump phone call, so that should fix everything

Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly suggested to President Donald Trump, in a roundabout fashion, that perhaps the poster-in-chief could tone it down a little. For him? Pretty please? Axios reports that two sources familiar with a phone call Trump made to the Facebook CEO on Friday said that ... Reported by Mashable

The 17 best documentaries on YouTube to entertain and teach you

Read more... More about Youtube, Documentaries, Streaming Services, Streaming Guides, and Entertainment Reported by Mashable

YouTube pledges $1 million toward police reform

YouTube has its faults, but it's also one of the few brands that stepped up swiftly with a tangible response to widespread protests against police brutality. On Friday, the company tweeted a pledge to donate $1 million "in support of efforts to address social injustice." It was a vague ... Reported by Mashable

Netease aims to raise $2-$3 billion in Hong Kong listing

Chinese tech group Netease Inc aims to raise between $2 and $3 billion in one of the largest equity deals so far this year when it launches a secondary listing in Hong Kong on Monday, said three people familiar with the transaction. Reported by Reuters

The 'Lord of the Rings' Mordor meme happened because Sean Bean kept the script in his lap

Josh Gad's YouTube series Reunited Apart has hosted socially distant cast reunions for beloved films like Back to the Future, Splash, and The Goonies, but the most recent episode brought back the Fellowship of the Ring (and other assorted parties) for "One Zoom to Rule Them All."  The ... Reported by Mashable

Hulu Watch Party review: Limited accessibility hinders otherwise great ideas

The last couple of months have seen group streaming explode in popularity, and Hulu joined the party this week. The Disney-owned streaming service launched Watch Party on Thursday, giving users a way to watch Hulu programming together while chatting about it. The good news is Watch Party ... Reported by Mashable

Why parents should invest in outdoor games for their kids this summer

As the weather gets nicer, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their children entertained and engaged outside of the house. This is especially true for kids who are not able to go off to summer camp or those who are either too young or unable to take on a job this summer. So what ... Reported by Mashable

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