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Kodak Black Plans to Sue Fed Who Allegedly Leaked Pic of Him in Custody

Kodak Black was allegedly photographed by a U.S. Marshal -- without his permission -- the day he was arrested at Rolling Loud ... and now, his lawyer's ramping up for a lawsuit. The Miami Dade Police Department took a report showing that Kodak's… Reported by TMZ

John Daly Offers Golf Lessons To Tom Brady, I Can Fix Him!

John Daly says he can fix Tom Brady's golf issues -- telling TMZ Sports with just one lesson, the new Tampa Bay QB could hit it 100 yards farther off the tee!! "I'm down in Clearwater," Daly says, "he's a Buc now, so if he wants to come out, we'll… Reported by TMZ

Spanish on 'Old School' 'Memba Him?!

Brooklyn based actor Rick Gonzalez was in his early twenties when he landed the role of the rushing fraternity brother, Spanish -- who helps his greek brothers keep their newly formed frat house while enduring hilarious hazing -- in the iconic 2003… Reported by TMZ

Rick Ross Alleged Baby Mama Asks for COVID Test Before Visiting Kids

Rick Ross needs to hustle over to a COVID-19 testing center if he wants to visit his kids ... so claims his alleged baby mama. Briana Singleton filed legal docs in Fayette County, Georgia requesting an emergency hearing to have the rapper -- real… Reported by TMZ

J.R. Smith Beats The Hell Out of Alleged Car Vandalizer During L.A. Protests

NBA star J.R. Smith beat the living daylights out of a man who allegedly smashed his car window during the wild protests in L.A. ... and TMZ Sports has the video. You can see ... the 6'6", 225-pounder unleashed a barrage of violent kicks on the man… Reported by TMZ

Black Couple Forced Out of Car by Atlanta Cops, Supposedly Broke Curfew

A black couple was removed from their vehicle with incredibly excessive force by police officers in Atlanta -- and, supposedly, it's all because they were out past curfew. The viral video was captured live on the air Saturday night by CBS46 -- the… Reported by TMZ

LAPD Chief Makes Peace with Protesters, Says George Floyd Was Murdered

The top dog of the LAPD made progress with protesters in Los Angeles this weekend, getting them to calm down and retreat ... after he admitted George Floyd had been murdered. Here's Chief of Police Michel Moore talking to protesters in the City of… Reported by TMZ

Coronavirus Club: what happens if Premier League players refuse to play?

We’ve heard a fair a bit about footballers testing positive – and most of them testing negative – for coronavirus. But what if they don’t want to work in an environment so unsafe that they need to be tested for a potentially life-threatening virus twice a week? No players or club staff ... Reported by Anorak

Black Protester Confronts White Women Tagging Starbucks with 'BLM'

Two white protesters got called out by a black protester for tagging a Starbucks with graffiti repping the Black Lives Matter movement ... and the bizarre encounter was caught on video. Check it out ... you see two white women decked out in all… Reported by TMZ

Celebs Protest George Floyd Death in U.S., People Around the World Do Too

Protests decrying the killing of George Floyd have been in full swing here in the States for days now -- but over the weekend, a bunch of celebs got in on the action ... as did international partakers who seem just as outraged. Several stars were… Reported by TMZ

Cops Remove Protester's Mask And Pepper Spray Him

Check out this shocking moment, when an NYPD officer runs up to a man with his hands up in the air, yanks his mask down and then pepper sprays him. It happened Saturday during a protest in the streets of New York City. The person who posted the… Reported by TMZ

Dallas Man Viciously Beaten, Kicked For Defending Business

A small business owner was brutally beaten by looters because he dared to defend his store. It happened Saturday night in Dallas ... as looters descended on the man's store, he picked up a sword to try to defend himself and his business. The… Reported by TMZ

Police in Flint Put Down Weapons and Join Protesters Over George Floyd Killing

It was a remarkable sight ... a cop puts down his baton and helmet and joins protesters in solidarity. It went down Saturday in Michigan's Flint Township, where Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson engaged protesters in the wake of George Floyd's… Reported by TMZ

SpaceX Astronauts Dock with International Space Station

It was awesome and picture-perfect, as the 2 U.S. astronauts hitched their space capsule onto the International Space Station. It went down Sunday AM Earth time ... 19 hours after the Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in… Reported by TMZ

Beverly Hills Looting Video Shows Close-Up View

It looks like a segment from the TV show "Supermarket Sweep" ... as scores of looters tear through a store on a famous Beverly Hills street. It's a ground view of looting where you can really see what these folks are doing inside the store, and… Reported by TMZ

Jet Ski Grads Get Diplomas Coronavirus Pandemic Style

It's a clever and memorable way to get your right of passage during a pandemic ... diplomas delivered to grads on jet skis!!! It went down Saturday in Florida. Graduating seniors hopped on their jet skis and got their prized certificates. To show… Reported by TMZ

Monkeys mug lab assistant and escape with Coronavirus samples

To Delhi, India, where news is that monkeys have made off with samples of Covid-19. The monkeys attacked a laboratory assistant and made off with a batch of coronavirus blood test samples. One of the monkey’s was spotted up a tree by Meerut Medical College in Delhi, India. It was chewing ... Reported by Anorak

Faith Evans Busted for Domestic Violence, Allegedly Attacked Stevie J

Faith Evans has found herself in some legal trouble ... 'cause we've learned the singer was arrested after allegedly attacking Stevie J. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Faith was arrested earlier this week at around 1 AM after cops got called… Reported by TMZ

George Floyd Riots: video of mob trying to murder and rob sword wielding man in Dallas

How do you react to the death of George Floyd. You should be angry. You should be sickened by the casual acts of violence that left a man dead after he was abused by police. You should campaign for equality and blind justice. But in Dallas, Texas, lunatics thought it right to try to murder ... Reported by Anorak

Chicago Cops Get Dragged, Tossed Around by George Floyd Protesters

It's clear now that protesters are NOT afraid of physically clashing with police, and it's also clear ... cops don't always have the upper hand, like these two Chicago PD officers here. Check out this chaotic scene that was captured and posted… Reported by TMZ

'Tiger King' Comic Book, First Pages of Joe Exotic Origin Story

Joe Exotic's meteoric rise from farm boy to 'Tiger King' fame is all laid out in an upcoming comic book ... and TMZ has the first look at Joe's origin story and its special edition cover. TMZ obtained a couple pages from Michael Frizell and… Reported by TMZ

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