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Trump Seems Likely To Use Law And Order As A Wedge Issue After George Floyd's Killing

President Trump called Floyd's death a "grave tragedy" that "should never have happened." But once he was back on Twitter, he again inflamed tensions, with machismo and politics at the forefront. Reported by NPR

George Floyd protests spotlight need for police reform, even in times of coronavirus

Isn't the midst of a pandemic — especially one that puts extraordinary stress on people experiencing homelessness and poverty, and people of color — exactly when we need more community responsiveness from the police? Reported by Seattle Times

Trump faces election risks in looming Supreme Court ruling on 'Dreamers'

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision expected in the coming weeks on the fate of the young immigrants known as "Dreamers" could cause an election-year headache for President Donald Trump - even if he wins the legal battle. Reported by Reuters

Guide to the June 2 primaries: Can Biden officially clinch the nomination?

As lockdowns start to ease, eight states and Washington, D.C., are set to hold primary elections on Tuesday, which have implications in several important congressional races and the presidential contest. Reported by FOXNews

Trump briefly taken to White House bunker during protests Friday

Demonstrations over George Floyd's death continued near the White House throughout the weekend. Reported by CBS News

Famed DC monuments defaced after night of protests

The affected monuments, which were photos of which were posted in a tweet by the National Mall National Park Service (NPS), included the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the statue of General Casimir Pulaski. It is not clear whether there were further monuments that were vandalized.  Reported by FOXNews

Buildings around White House board up, protect valuables amid possibility of more protest vandalism

Businesses, a church and other establishments around the White House are boarding up their windows and securing their valuables amid fears that another night of protests and vandalism could erupt on Sunday. Reported by FOXNews

Biden Leaves Home To Visit Delaware Protest Site

Former Vice President Joe Biden left his house for the second time in a week to visit the location of protests last night. Posting about the unannounced trip, Biden wrote "We are a nation in pain." Reported by NPR

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will lead prosecution in George Floyd case, governor says

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Sunday evening that state Attorney General Keith Ellison will the prosecution against the former police officer charged in the killing of George Floyd, whose death last week has sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. Reported by FOXNews

Democrat Biden visits site of police brutality protest in Delaware

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday toured the site of one of the protests that ripped through U.S. cities overnight and called for protesters against police brutality not to turn to violence. Reported by Reuters

Gottlieb warns of uptick in coronavirus infections after protests

Tens of thousands of Americans have protested the death of George Floyd in cities from coast to coast. Reported by CBS News

Atlanta mayor says Trump "making it worse" and should "just stop talking"

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says President Trump's rhetoric is only "inflaming" racial tensions across the country. Reported by CBS News

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